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School Policies

Vaux Big Picture High School employs a school-wide Yondr program. When students arrive at school, they place their phone in a Yondr case, which is then locked. Students maintain possession of their phones, but will not be able to use them until they are unlocked at the end of the day.
The Vaux Big Picture High School student dress code is for Real World Learning and Internship days only.
  • On top: Navy blue polos or a school-approved Vaux Big Picture High School shirt. Shirts should be worn on top of whatever the student is wearing. Students may not tie uniform shirts at the waist. 
  • On bottom: Black, khaki, or tan pants. Pants must be appropriately sized (fitting at the waist) and free of writing, large slits, and holes.
  • Footwear: Students may wear any enclosed shoe of their choice. Sandals, slippers, sling-backs, Crocs, or open-toed shoes of any kind are not permitted.
  • Students may also dress in business attire based on their Real World Learning or Internship experience
On days when students are not attending Real World Learning or Internships, students must abide by the following dress code:
  • Ripped jeans with opaque undergarments are prohibited (ripped jeans with dark tights underneath are permitted).
  • Open-toed shoes are prohibited
  • Shorts must be knee-length
  • Print with offensive language is prohibited
  • Exposure of undergarments is prohibited
  • No outside coats may be worn during the school day, except during dismissal
Vaux Big Picture High School values the use and accessibility of technology. For this reason, we ensure a 1:1 computer-student ratio, meaning that all students have a laptop in school. Laptop projection is available in each classroom.