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Become a Mentor

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Mentorships at Vaux BPHS are scheduled during the school day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All mentor sessions take place virtually using Zoom or other online meeting platform. Sessions will occur once per week for one hour between mentors and students.
Each student has an Advisor (a certified classroom teacher) who serves as an academic and social-emotional guide throughout the student's tenure at Vaux BPHS. Advisors support mentors in understanding their student's learning style, developing project work, and in student accountability. Advisors troubleshoot problems that arise, including how to challenge and engage students on a daily basis.
Community members who are both professionals and passionate about helping with the growth and development of youth in Philadelphia while also willing to share knowledge and expertise from their specific careers.
1. To make an impact. Expose youth to new experiences and potential career opportunities.
2. To expand your professional resume. Gain recognition for serving the community.
3. For personal growth. Be involved in planting the seed of growth toward success and independence for youth.
4. Expand your business or organization. Develop the foundation for growth in your organization by training tomorrow's workforce.
Childline and state background checks must be completed to participate as a mentor with Vaux BPHS.