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Approach to Learning

In the Big Picture school design, each student is paired with an Advisor (similar to a homeroom teacher) who they stay with from enrollment until graduation. Advisors meet daily with this small group of no more than eighteen students to facilitate group discussions, literacy circles, social-emotional learning workshops, and support them in developing projects connected to their internship experience.
Advisors are the number one point of contact for families, and provide regular updates on their student's progress.
individualized learning
In addition to daily group activities, Advisors meet one-on-one with their advisees every other week to check in on their progress and make modifications to their Individualized Learning Plan.
Students set their own personal, academic, and career goals, and Advisors integrate these into each student's ILP. Students and Advisors work collaboratively to address issues and develop solutions together.
Our goal is for every student to find and walk their pathway to success, and we think one of the most important ways we help young people do this is by providing them with hands-on, real-world learning experiences.
Through our signature Real World Learning (RWL) program, students at all grade levels engage in identity and interest exploration two full days per week. During their 9th grade year, students will go on workplace site visits, shadow days, participate in mock interviews, learn resume and cover letter writing, and more. They will then advance for their 10th-12th grade years to professional group and/or individual internships of their choosing. Student progress is assessed through exhibitions of learning and self-designed projects.
post-secondary preparedness
In the year leading up to graduation, students develop a detailed post-secondary plan that builds on the interests, skills, and certifications developed through their RWL experience.
Our Post-Secondary and Alumni Counselors help students fill out career or college applications, research employment opportunities, build their professional networks, take them on campus tours, and much more to help ensure graduates leave our schools with the tools they need to succeed.
resiliency services
We believe in a whole child approach to education--this means understanding that non-academic components, such as mental health and basic needs security, are just as important to a young person's development as academics.
Our three full-time Resilience Specialists (experienced adolescent mental health clinicians) run workshops in Advisories on topics like goal setting and goal attainment and positive communication strategies. They also provide one-on-one and group counseling support services and serve as case managers to help students and families locate additional services.
real world learning
RWL internships being offered during the 2021-22 school year:
  • Early Childhood Education certification
  • Computer Coding
  • Construction and Carpentry certification
  • Journalism
  • Culinary Arts certification
  • Graphic Design
  • Music Production
  • EKG Technician certification
  • Veterinary Technician certification
  • Architecture & Design
  • Biomedical Science
  • Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship
  • Pharmacy Technician certification
  • Real Estate
  • Social Services
  • STEM Education
  • Young Arts Collective
  • Massage Therapy